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Hojicha Tea Leaves

Experience authentic Japanese roasted green tea directly from the fields of Kyoto. Each variety of premium roasted green tea in our collection offers unique characteristics, while containing no additives and no unnecessary blending or processing. We bring expertly roasted green tea to your cup in its purest form.

Teaware & Utensils

Browse our collection of authentic Japanese teaware and utensils, especially designed for enjoying Japanese tea. Crafted by true artisans across Japan, these curated items will elevate your experience and will reveal the true flavor of hojicha.

Hojicha Latte

What is Hojicha?

Hojicha is a Japanese green tea that originated in Kyoto 100 years ago.

Unlike traditional green teas, hojicha is roasted after the leaves are steamed. Along with removing all bitterness, the roasting process gives hojicha its signature earthy aroma, its reddish-brown color and a unique smoky taste.

Since it is low in caffeine, hojicha is the perfect alternative to coffee for those seeking a warm and toasty drink in the afternoon or evening.

Hojicha Recipes

Our original roasted green tea recipes will transform your favorite snacks and desserts forever. Use our loose leaf hojicha or our ground hojicha powder to make hot and cold beverages, or sweet and savory dishes. Hojicha is the perfect flavor to impress friends and family!

Hojicha at Home

Discover customer favorites with featured recipes made with hojicha at home. Tag @Hojicha.Co to share your delicious creations with us!