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Mino ware

Tenmoku Glazed Whisk Holder

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The Tenmoku Glazed Whisk Holder is a ceramic tea accessory designed for holding a Japanese bamboo whisk.

This authentic Mino ware whisk stand was made in Japan, and is finished with a Tenmoku glaze. Upon a closer look, the glossy black glaze reveals beautiful red details.

The unique shape of this whisk holder, also called a naoshi, makes for the perfect stand for the Hojicha Whisk. A handcrafted bamboo whisk is a precious tea utensil, and will last longer when stored correctly.

After preparing Hojicha Powder, rinse the bamboo whisk and carefully place it on the whisk holder. The whisk holder will protect the natural bamboo and help the bristles maintain their shape as they dry.

The Tenmoku Glazed Whisk Holder must be washed by hand only.