Work with the largest importer & distributor of Japanese roasted green tea in North America.

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We love working with individuals and businesses that share our passion for tea. We are happy to provide the best wholesale hojicha options to satisfy your customers.

Why Partner With Hōjicha Co.

Hojicha offers many of the health benefits of traditional Japanese green tea while being naturally sweet and virtually caffeine free. We are the first brand in the world to specialize in this Japanese roasted green tea. Our premium products are packaged fresh directly from the fields of Kyoto, Japan. Our company offers high quality teas that contain no additives, and no unnecessary blending or processing. 

Who Should Take Advantage of our Hojicha Wholesale Program

Companies of all sizes buy hojicha from us:

  • Tea & coffee shops
  • Bubble tea shops
  • Corporate offices 
  • Specialty grocery stores
  • Retailers