Does hojicha contain any caffeine?
The roasting process removes virtually all of the caffeine in hojicha. Since hojicha is low in caffeine, it can be sipped anytime.

Does hojicha contain any sugar?
Our hojicha is sugar-free, and contains no additives.

Is hojicha gluten-free?
Our hojicha is gluten-free as it contains 100% green tea leaves with no unnecessary blending or processing.


Does hojicha taste like green tea?
Unlike traditional Japanese green tea, hojicha leaves are roasted in high temperatures. The roasting process removes all bitterness from hojicha.

Do I need to add sweetener to hojicha?
Hojicha is best enjoyed without the addition of any sweeteners. Let your hojicha cool to experience the tea’s natural sweetness.

Why is my hojicha more smoky than sweet?
Hojicha tastes smoky when hot. Prepare your hojicha with 90°C water, and let the tea cool to experience its natural sweetness as the flavor deepens.

What’s the difference between the taste of Hojicha Dark Roast and Hojicha Gold Roast?
Hojicha Dark Roast and Hojicha Gold Roast are harvested in different months. Hojicha Dark Roast is harvested in June, resulting in its rich, smoky, and sweet flavor. Since Hojicha Gold Roast is harvested from sencha leaves in May, it has a satisfying umami flavor best enjoyed by those with a sophisticated palate.


Where is Hōjicha Co. tea from?
Our hojicha is packaged fresh directly from the fields of Kyoto, Japan.

Are Hōjicha Co. teas single-origin?
Our hojicha is single-origin, and is grown entirely on one tea farm in Kyoto, Japan.