Kyoto Hojicha

Enjoy the rich and naturally sweet taste of roasted green tea. Shop our original hojicha from Kyoto, Japan.

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Hojicha Dark Roast

Hojicha Products

Our selection of premium roasted green tea from the latest harvest in Kyoto.

  • Hojicha Dark Roast
    Hōjicha Co.
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    $ 16.00 CAD
  • Hojicha Gold Roast
    Hōjicha Co.
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    $ 22.00 CAD

Hojicha Collection

We have designed a hojicha collection customized for the perfect roasted green tea experience.

Hojicha Recipes

Our original roasted green tea recipes that will transform your favorite snacks and desserts forever!

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The press keeps talking about us!

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  • Japan Today
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