Black Katakuchi
Black Katakuchi
Black Katakuchi
Black Katakuchi

Black Katakuchi Bowl with Spout

Seto ware
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The Black Katakuchi is an authentic pouring vessel with a spout on one side, and is often used for serving sake or tea as well as transferring liquids. This rounded katakuchi has the perfect shape for properly whisking Hojicha Powder, and a convenient spout for pouring the tea with ease.

This authentic Seto ware ceramic has an eye-catching black glaze. The luxurious glaze gives the surface a velvety smooth finish that makes it enjoyable to hold the bowl and even drink from it directly.

When whisking hojicha, the katakuchi bowl can be held down comfortably as the stable base keeps it steady. The wide bottom leaves plenty of room for the swift movements of a bamboo whisk, while the sloping interior ensures that the tea powder will be perfectly dissolved for a delicious bowl of hojicha.

Origin: Made in Japan
Dimensions (approx.): L 13 x W 11.5 x H 6 cm

Hojicha Whisk sold separately.