Cold Brew Hojicha

Cold Brew Hojicha

This summer, enjoy nothing less than the best with a cold glass of Cold Brew Hojicha made from the spring-harvested Hojicha Gold Roast. Hojicha Gold Roast is our top pick for preparing cold drinks during the warm weather months. The lightly roasted green tea tastes great in our Hojicha Iced Tea recipe, and it makes for the perfect cold brew tea as well. After cold brewing Hojicha Gold Roast, you’ll be rewarded with a golden cup of smooth and naturally sweet tea.

We’ve kept things simple by creating a ready-to-drink cold brew recipe that does not require any dilution. Though of course if you prefer, you may serve the tea over ice. Our recipe yields 1 litre of cold brew hojicha, and can easily be halved or doubled as long you maintain this optimal ratio of loose leaf tea leaves to cool water.

Since it does take several hours to steep, the ideal time to make a fresh batch is before bed each night. Steep the tea overnight, and get ready to sip on the best-tasting cold brew tea all summer long.



  • Combine 10 grams of Hojicha Gold Roast and 1 litre of cold filtered water in a glass jar or jug with a tight-fitting lid.
  • Cover your glass container and refrigerate the mixture overnight.
  • Let the loose leaf tea steep for approximately 10 hours.
  • Use a fine-mesh sieve to strain the tea leaves as you pour the cold brew tea into a pitcher.
  • Enjoy the delicate infusion as you sip on your homemade Cold Brew Hojicha throughout the day.

Do you prefer cold brew tea or iced tea? Experiment with both this season, and find your favorite cold hojicha beverage.