Tea Bowl with Spout
Tea Bowl with Spout
Tea Bowl with Spout
Tea Bowl with Spout

Bright Tea Bowl with Spout

Seto ware
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The Bright Tea Bowl with a Spout is the ideal vessel for whisking and serving hojicha.

This spouted tea bowl was made in Seto, the location of one of the Six Ancient Kilns of Japan. The vivid colors of the glaze and shape of the tea bowl were crafted to enhance the experience of hojicha preparation.

The tea bowl is light yet spacious with a rounded interior for easily whisking Hojicha Powder. Also known as a katakuchi, this type of bowl has a spout on one side for easy pouring. Once the tea powder is whisked, it can be easily divided among individual cups or slowly poured into a tall glass to create a perfectly layered hojicha latte.

Origin: Made in Japan
Dimensions (approx.): L 12.5 cm × W 11.5 cm × H 5.9 cm

Hojicha Whisk sold separately.