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Culinary Hojicha Powder

Baking with Culinary Hojicha Powder

While you may prefer the smooth taste of steeped loose leaf hojicha for your daily cup of tea, our finely ground hojicha powder is a must-have baking staple!

Why culinary hojicha powder should be used in your recipes

When baking with a loose leaf hojicha infusion, the delicate flavor of the brew is often overpowered by other ingredients. Therefore, the distinct taste of roasted green tea is best experienced in recipes that include a powder made from the full tea leaves and stems. Best of all, culinary hojicha powder is much easier to add to any recipe. Since steeping is not required, you can even use it in dishes that don’t contain any water.

How to bake with culinary hojicha powder

Our culinary hojicha powder can be used as a direct replacement for coffee or matcha powder in your favorite recipes. The one-to-one substitution makes it easy to experience the bold flavor of roasted green tea in ice-cream, cookies, brownies, pancakes, and more. If you’d like to see how hojicha powder can be used in a specific food or beverage, please let us know and we’ll test and perfect the recipe for you in our kitchen.

What flavors pair well with hojicha

Although culinary hojicha powder often used in sweet desserts and lattes, the roasted green tea also tastes great in savory recipes. Some flavors that pair beautifully with hojicha are: maple syrup, chocolate, matcha, black sesame, sweet potato, fig, caramel, and vanilla.

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