What is hojicha?

Hojicha is a Japanese green tea that originated in Kyoto, Japan. It is made from green tea leaves or stems gathered during harvests of Sencha or Bancha.

Unlike other traditional Japanese green teas, hojicha is roasted after the leaves are steamed. Along with removing any bitterness, the roasting process gives hojicha its signature earthy aroma and reddish-brown color.

The rich and naturally sweet flavor of hojicha is deepest when infused in high temperatures and slightly cooled before drinking. Hojicha can be steeped up at least 3 times and tastes delicious hot, iced, or as a hojicha latte.

Since hojicha is low in caffeine, it can be sipped anytime. This makes hojicha the perfect alternative to coffee for those seeking a warm and toasty drink in the afternoon and evening.

Japanese Roasted Green Tea

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