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While you may prefer the smooth taste of steeped loose leaf hojicha for your daily cup of tea, freshly ground hojicha powder is a must-have baking staple!

Why hojicha powder should be used in your recipes

When baking with a hojicha infusion, the delicate flavor of the brew is often overpowered by other ingredients. Therefore, the distinct taste of hojicha is best experienced in recipes that include a powder made from the full tea leaves and stems. Best of all, hojicha powder is much easier to add to any recipe. Since steeping is not required, you can even use it in dishes that don’t contain any water.

How to grind your own hojicha powder

It doesn’t get any fresher than grinding your own hojicha powder. Freshly ground hojicha can be made using your spice grinder, coffee grinder, or even food processor with the grind function. First decide if you’d like to grind the exact amount listed in the recipe, or if you’d like to prepare a larger batch to keep for later. Then add the loose leaf hojicha to your appliance, and grind until it turns into a fine powder. If any stems remain, simply sift them out and keep them for tea time.

How to properly store hojicha powder

Store the freshly ground hojicha in an airtight glass container and place in a cool and dark place. Extend the shelf life of your hojicha powder by storing it in small batches, as the flavor of tea is affected every time it is exposed to the elements.

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