About Us

Hojicha Co. is the first brand to specialize in Japanese roasted green tea outside of Japan. We offer the most authentic roasted green tea products packaged fresh from Kyoto, Japan. We are proud to distribute small batch, single origin teas which are naturally low in caffeine, contain no additives, and no unnecessary blending or processing. The Hojicha Co. roasted tea collection includes five unique loose leaf teas and the highly versatile Hojicha Powder, sold directly to customers through our online tea shop.

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About the Founders

Danielle Geva

Danielle Geva

Danielle Geva has lived on three continents, and currently resides in Toronto, Canada. She studied Entrepreneurship and Marketing at Ryerson University, and was a founding member of the Digital Media Zone (DMZ). In her professional life, Danielle has helped brands from across the world generate demand for their products, including several Y Combinator, StartX, and DMZ technology startups. Danielle Geva is also the author and illustrator of Why to Wake up, her first book of illustrations.

Danielle’s love of green tea started in Japan, during the peak of the cherry blossom season. Up until that point, Danielle had never found the perfect cup of green tea to suit her taste. Everything changed in a small and cozy teahouse in Osaka, where Danielle tasted hojicha for the first time. It was love at first sip. The roasted green tea, known as hojicha, was sweet and smoky, without any of the bitter aftertaste that accompanied green teas she had previously tried. Hojicha also filled the air with its distinctive earthy aroma, soothing everyone as they breathed in the pleasant scent.

As soon as Danielle got back to Canada, she tried and failed to find high quality hojicha in stores. Danielle decided to launch a tea company for everyone to enjoy the best hojicha without having to hop on a plane. Her Co-Founder, Francois Mathieu, shares her commitment to sourcing and distributing authentic and fresh Japanese green tea directly from the fields of Kyoto. Danielle’s favorite roasted green tea from the Hojicha Co. collection is Hojicha Dark Roast. She enjoys it as a latte in the morning, and then slow-chills the second steep for a refreshing afternoon drink.

Francois Mathieu

Francois Mathieu

Francois Mathieu is a marketer and entrepreneur based in Toronto, Canada.

Francois has been regularly drinking tea for both pleasure and its health benefits for nearly two decades. Over the years, Francois discovered that most of the options available in stores and coffee shops were full of sugar and additives which hid the true flavor of tea. Furthermore, the tea’s quality and origin was often unclear. Francois then began to source superior teas from reputable regions and producers of matcha powder and sencha to perfect preparing tea at home.

During one of his trips to Japan, Francois was offered hojicha green tea at a small teahouse in the Shinsaibashi district of Osaka. Not only was the cup of tea delicious, he had never encountered a green tea with such a pleasant aroma before. Eager to share the popular Japanese beverage with friends and family, Francois brought back hojicha from Kyoto. Hojicha was an instant crowd-pleaser, and left everyone craving more.

Francois partnered with Danielle Geva to launch Hojicha Co. with the goal of bringing premium hojicha roasted green tea to North America. Hojicha Co. teas proudly contain no additives, and no unnecessary blending or processing. Francois' favorite roasted green tea is Hojicha Gold Roast, which is made with high quality spring sencha tea leaves. He enjoys hojicha warm to best experience a deep umami flavor.