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Hojicha is the Top Ice Cream Flavor

Hojicha is the fastest-growing ice cream flavor, and is quickly gaining popularity across North America’s top ice cream parlors. As the must-have flavor this summer, hojicha is being introduced in dessert shops and cafes serving hard or soft serve ice cream, gelato, and frozen yogurt. The smoky aroma and natural sweetness of hojicha make it a unique, yet pleasing, ice cream flavor. The highly requested hojicha ice cream is made from Japanese roasted green tea powder.

What is Hojicha Powder

Hojicha is a roasted green tea originating in Kyoto, Japan. The powdered form of the loose leaf tea can be used for lattes, baked goods, and desserts. Our Hojicha Powder is finely ground and perfectly dissolves in hot or cold liquids, making it the ideal addition to any ice cream recipe. In addition to being ultrafine, our Hojicha Powder is lightly roasted to ensure a rich and smooth taste.

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