Cold Brew Hojicha

Hot summer days are best enjoyed with a cold cup of Cold Brew Hojicha in your hand. For this recipe, we recommend using the flavorful Hojicha Classic. While you could experiment with any of the roasted green teas in our loose leaf tea collection, Hojicha Classic is the most popular choice for cold brew tea. Since it is made from lightly roasted bancha, it infuses perfectly in cold temperatures resulting in a smooth and refreshing beverage.

Cold brewing, known as mizudashi (水出し) in Japanese, tastes best when the tea leaves have plenty of room to expand and fully release their flavor. This makes large bottles with a built in filter ideal. In the recipe video above, we use the cold brew Filter-in Bottle by Hario, made in Japan. This beautifully designed wine-shaped bottle has a filter in its spout, which makes it easy to prepare and serve Cold Brew Hojicha at home.

If you don’t have any tea brewing equipment on hand, then you can simply use a mason jar or any glass container with a lid. Once the tea is done steeping, you can use a strainer to catch the tea leaves as you pour your infusion. The recipe can be adapted for your chosen vessel, as long as you maintain the ratio of 1 gram of roasted green tea per 100 ml of filtered water.

Since cold water is used to extract the flavor of the roasted green tea, you don’t have to be as precise as when preparing a hot cup of tea. Instead, you can leave the tea leaves to steep for anywhere from 6 to 8 hours. At 6 hours you’ll be rewarded with a delicate and lightly sweet tea, and if you prefer a more full-bodied flavor you can keep it in the fridge for longer.

Steep your tea before bed, or as soon as you wake up, and get ready to sip on a refreshing cup of Cold Brew Hojicha all summer long.


  • 7.5 grams Hojicha Classic (approximately 2.5 tablespoons)
  • 750 ml cold filtered water


  1. Combine 7.5 grams of Hojicha Classic and 750 ml of cold filtered water in a cold brew tea bottle or a glass mason jar.
  2. Refrigerate the hojicha infusion, and let the loose tea steep for approximately 6-8 hours (based on your personal preference).
  3. If your container doesn’t have a built-in filter, transfer prepared cold brew tea into a pitcher by using a fine-mesh sieve to strain the tea leaves.
  4. Enjoy the delicate infusion as you sip on your Cold Brew Hojicha throughout the day.

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